MAKE 40 THE NEW 30 (and 50 the new 40…)

By Kristy Lynn Dixon

Most middle-aged women start to notice subtle changes in their hair and skin.  Grey hair appears, fine lines begin to show, and their skin and hair seems dry and lackluster.  Here are some simple salon tricks that can take years off and enhance your look.

For those who aren’t ready to embrace their grey hair just yet, there’s permanent color.  For those who have a small amount of grey, they should stick within 2 shades of their natural base color for the most natural look.  If there’s at least 75% grey, hair can be colored almost any color.  For the most natural look, and least amount of maintenance, your stylist can foil color into hair so that some grey remains throughout – without a hard line of demarcation at the part when it grows out.  Finally, when choosing a color, neutral or warm/golden hues are universally flattering while ash/cool tones accentuate wrinkles.

I asked Sakari Master Stylist, Rosemary Flaim, for some other youthful tips.  She suggests coloring the eyebrows a level or two darker than the hair and having them professionally arched and waxed – no over-plucking!  Flaim also suggests finding a low-maintenance haircut and taking into consideration the cost and maintenance of your color service.  The more grey hair you have, the more color maintenance you’ll need.  Bangs can also take years off your look.  Finally, because hair loses its luster over time, serums and spray glosses can make hair appear more youthful, and heat protectant sprays can reduce further drying from heat tools.

Remember that hair is an important accessory.  And the great thing about hair is that it can be changed.  So live a little and have fun with it.  And if you’re looking for a drastic change, sleep on it or do so gradually.