By Kristy Lynn Dixon

A Guide to Perms

Everything comes back again – including perms. Straight is out, waves are in. And more and more people are asking about perms. I contacted Tressa Creative Director, Rachel Schenck, to find out what age she recommends for perms. Here are some guidelines if you’re considering one:

Q. At what age can my daughter start getting perms?
A. The recommended minimum age for a perm is 13.

Q. How long should my perm last?
A. A perm can last a few to several months, depending on hair type and perm formula used.

Q. Can I get a perm if my hair is colored or highlighted?
A. Yes, you can get a perm if your hair is colored with a few highlights, but perms are not recommended for heavily highlighted hair.

Once you’ve decided to get a perm, there are many options. Some offer a soft, natural look while others are tight and pronounced. And perms aren’t just for curls – some give fabulous volume and texture to otherwise limp locks. Hair length also affects the outcome of perms. Hair that is too long and heavy will pull the curl out and soften the effect.

So before you book that perm appointment, book a consultation with a stylist to discuss your expectations. And, as always, it helps to bring a picture of the results you hope to achieve.