By Kristy Lynn Dixon

kristydWe all know that clothing styles are not one-size-fits-all for different body shapes. Well the same goes for hairstyles on face shapes – and head shapes. I consulted with Sakari Master Stylist and Sexy Hair International Educator, Nicole Dubravski, for some tips for finding the right cut for your shape. Here’s what she had to offer:

“Haircutting combines physics and geometry. We utilize the head shape more than the face shape,” says Dubravski. She also says that growth patterns and hair density need to be considered. When considering face shape she adds, “The goal with face shape is to achieve an oval, which is considered ideal.” This illusion is done with the haircut. Finally, she points out that the overall goal of the cut should be to “achieve balance.”

So if you’re trying to mask a high forehead or make your face appear slimmer, a new haircut may be in order! And if you’re not sure what type of haircut is best suited for your “shape” – consult your hairdresser. She/he will be able to direct you towards a more balanced ‘do.